Buy Malva Detox Tea

Buy Malva Detox TeaBuy Malva Detox TeaBuy Malva Detox Tea

Try Malva, risk free 100% natural organic tea to find your healthiest you!

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Malva Slim Detox Tea


  • Detox Tea - Cleanse your body and remove toxins, fat and water with the delicious, fast acting Malva Slim tea. No Sena or artificial ingredients added.
  • Promote Proper Digestion - Malva Slim Tea works by flushing excess water and fat, while reducing tension and bloating. Great and effective way to lose weight as well as a natural way to calm nerves and detox the body.
  • 100% Natural Malva Verticillata - Made with only Malva Verticillata, the slimming tea works by removing toxins and waste products from the body. It acts on the digestive system by eliminating waste products and facilitating the removal of body toxins.
  • Pure Malva Leaves - Using only top quality, carefully selected tea leaves from California, the tea leaves are cured in Japan. Our curing process takes 7 years from harvest to the user.
  • Directions of Use: First time use - 1 infusion bag of Malva Slim every night after dinner for 30 days. For ongoing use - 1 infusion in the evening three times a week or as needed for detox.